New Zealand Memories

Ocean and GreenI took this photo in Mount Maunganui New Zealand, two days before heading home to Southern California.There is a beautiful trail that leads around the mountain. The locals refer to it, as walking the mount. When I visited two years ago, there’d been a land slide, so it wasn’t possible to hike the entire trail, but this year it was open all the way around. As you can see, the scenery is gorgeous. I’m always amazed at how green and rugged it is.Charlie on RockHere is our nine year old grandson, Charlie who is like a little mountain goat and loves to climb.

Me-and-Char-on-the-trailHere you can see more of the rugged coastline as we continued along the trail. It was a wonderful hike, and it’s fun to look at the photos now that I’m home. They remind me of all the fun things I did during my three weeks in New Zealand.



Rediscovering the Rotary Egg Beater

Yesterday I showed you how I’ve been making my coffee, and this morning I tried a new way to froth the milk. A simple rotary egg beater. I remember my mom using one when I was a little girl, before she got her first electric hand mixer This looks like yet another item to add to my kitchen.

Here’s the laundry hanging on the line. A perfect day of sun and gentle breezes dried two loads beautifully, and they smelled so fresh.
New Zealand is a very modern country, with its share of dishwashers and clothes dryers, but they have a love and respect for some of the older, simpler ways as well. It makes me realize how too often we jump into the newer ways and forget the old. The older ways may take a little more time, but they can also be more relaxing. I’ve travelled to New Zealand several times to visit relatives, and each time I gain even more respect for their traditions and way of life.




Beautiful New Zealand Day!

pretty houseThis morning the rain stopped and the weather turned gorgeous. I decided to walk to the mall, which is an hour away. I was ready for some good exercise after being housebound for a couple of days. Above is one of the lovely houses on my daughter’s street. I love seeing the different architectural styles in New Zealand. Many of the homes have steel roofs in different colours. Aunti Mays house

When I saw this house I was transported back to my early childhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It reminds me so very much of the house my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived in before they moved to California in the late 50s. I just had to take a photo of it.NZ-lunchI walked back home, another hour, and prepared my lunch. As you can see, it was a New Zealand/California combination. Cheese quesadilla, tea, and ginger biscuits. Not the healthiest, but It was yummy.!


Waking Up in New Zealand


Tui-1 This is Tui, our daughter and grandson’s cat. She is named for the black and white tui bird, indigenous to New Zealand, and  she’s the first one to greet me every morning. I still wake early here in New Zealand, just as I do at home in California. I’m at the computer, enjoying my morning coffee, just like home. It’s interesting how we have our habits no matter where we travel.

Large pink flower I’ve been here almost a week and have settled into the routine nicely. I’m in the Mount Maunganui area on the North Island. We are a block from the beach and I feel like I’m in San Clemente, California. The other day we saw two people riding a can-am Spyder like mine. Watching surfers cross the road, surfboards tucked under their arms, makes me feel as if I never left Southern California. I do not drive here, because vehicles and people walk and drive on the opposite side of the road. I am not brave enough to try. This area has few traffic lights, but many round-abouts, and that too is a challenge for me.  Thanks to my I-phone I can instantly be in touch with family at home. I do have to remember that we are currently 19 hours ahead of California — but I find it easier to think of it as five hours behind, and one day ahead.

I highly recommend Air New Zealand, the airline that brought me here. Los Angeles to Auckland flights usually leave in the evening. Air NZ serves a wonderful dinner, and every passenger has their own movie screen for watching the latest movies. I usually get several hours of sleep before Air NZ serves a tasty breakfast. We arrive very early NZ time, 5:30 a.m, and if I stay awake until local bed time, I find I’ve adjusted nicely. It really is a very easy trip. Honestly! The flight is 12 hours, but not a difficult one.

The people here are wonderful, and very friendly, but I will leave that for another posting.  I have not posted in several days, and would like to get this one out. Today we are going to tour Comvita, a  company that produces and exports honey. I’ll take photos and report on it tomorrow. Bye for now, from New Zealand.