Beautiful New Zealand Day!

pretty houseThis morning the rain stopped and the weather turned gorgeous. I decided to walk to the mall, which is an hour away. I was ready for some good exercise after being housebound for a couple of days. Above is one of the lovely houses on my daughter’s street. I love seeing the different architectural styles in New Zealand. Many of the homes have steel roofs in different colours. Aunti Mays house

When I saw this house I was transported back to my early childhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It reminds me so very much of the house my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived in before they moved to California in the late 50s. I just had to take a photo of it.NZ-lunchI walked back home, another hour, and prepared my lunch. As you can see, it was a New Zealand/California combination. Cheese quesadilla, tea, and ginger biscuits. Not the healthiest, but It was yummy.!


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