Rediscovering the Rotary Egg Beater

Yesterday I showed you how I’ve been making my coffee, and this morning I tried a new way to froth the milk. A simple rotary egg beater. I remember my mom using one when I was a little girl, before she got her first electric hand mixer This looks like yet another item to add to my kitchen.

Here’s the laundry hanging on the line. A perfect day of sun and gentle breezes dried two loads beautifully, and they smelled so fresh.
New Zealand is a very modern country, with its share of dishwashers and clothes dryers, but they have a love and respect for some of the older, simpler ways as well. It makes me realize how too often we jump into the newer ways and forget the old. The older ways may take a little more time, but they can also be more relaxing. I’ve travelled to New Zealand several times to visit relatives, and each time I gain even more respect for their traditions and way of life.