New Zealand Memories

Ocean and GreenI took this photo in Mount Maunganui New Zealand, two days before heading home to Southern California.There is a beautiful trail that leads around the mountain. The locals refer to it, as walking the mount. When I visited two years ago, there’d been a land slide, so it wasn’t possible to hike the entire trail, but this year it was open all the way around. As you can see, the scenery is gorgeous. I’m always amazed at how green and rugged it is.Charlie on RockHere is our nine year old grandson, Charlie who is like a little mountain goat and loves to climb.

Me-and-Char-on-the-trailHere you can see more of the rugged coastline as we continued along the trail. It was a wonderful hike, and it’s fun to look at the photos now that I’m home. They remind me of all the fun things I did during my three weeks in New Zealand.



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