Thanksgiving Cactus, November 2018

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and my Thanksgiving Cactus is blooming right on schedule. Last year I purchased several plants that were labeled Holiday Cactus. That started me researching the difference between a Thanksgiving Cactus and a Christmas Cactus. If you would like to learn the difference, you can read about it in my posts from last year.

Here is a second photo of the same plant. It has many blossoms opening. I have several other Thanksgiving Cacti that are beginning to flower and I will post them as the blossoms open.

Amaryllis Update

On November 13th, in my post, Time to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs, I wrote about the Amaryllis being a beautiful holiday plant. It grows very quickly, and is amazing to watch. I said I’d post updates on how ours was doing. Here you see the two buds quickly growing. Below you can see how much the plant has grown in a very short time. Please take a look at the original post to see how it all began.

There is still time to plant amaryllis bulbs, so hurry and find some at your local garden nursery, and you will have beautiful flowers in time for the holidays.