Amaryllis in May

Amaryllis blooming in May, might mean too many Hallmark Christmas movies? I have been watching quite a few during this time of social distancing. I’ve owned this particular plant for several years. I posted about it in 2016 when it bloomed for me for the first time. SeeHereThe plant has been hidden away in a back corner of the garden, and had not flowered during that time.You can imagine my surprise when I suddenly noticed it getting ready to bloom. I placed it in a sunnier area, and low and behold it produced two gorgeous flowers. They are starting to fade now, and I’ve been learning what I should do next. I found some simple instructions on line and plan to follow them. See Here.
Now I’m waiting for the leaves to form. I am hoping with some proper care, my Amaryllis will bloom for Christmas. I will be sure to let you know how it’s progressing. It is something positive to look forward to.

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