Burst of Joy Floribunda Rose

These flowers are from my Burst of Joy Floribunda rose bush. The top photo shows a flower recently opened. The second photo shows three flowers that opened earlier in the month.
Bicolor orange blooms with a yellow centers  fade to coral with time.

The blooms withstand heat well and are excellent for cutting. I can promise you that Burst of Joy is a prolific bloomer from late spring to fall. It is also disease resistant.

In the instructions¬† that came with this plant, it talked about liking full sun, but I actually had to move my plant from where I’d originally planted it.

Living in Southern California, means that we get some very hot summers, and my plant struggled in the direct sun. A year later I moved it to a slightly shadier spot, and Burst of Joy took off. I’ve been given the gift of many beautiful blooms ever since.

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    • Thanks, Nicole. It’s been awhile, but now that summer is here I will post more often. I appreciate your loyalty.

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