Chula Vista Vacation

Monday Rose 1We returned home this afternoon from the Chula Vista RV Park, where we spent four  days in our 5th wheel trailer. I took dozens of photos and thought I’d share a few with you. On one of my early morning walks, I spotted this beautiful rose peeking out at me through a white picket fence. It was so bright and full of life.

Two-ducksHere is a friendly couple that I met on another one of my walks around the RV park and marina.enhances-orchid
One of many beautiful orchids in the Botanical Building in nearby Balboa Park, SanDiego.


SFO-ferryThis was quite a surprise. A San Francisco ferry in for repairs at the local boat yard. I couldn’t help but wonder how it had arrived there.

Annika-homeLastly, here is Annika looking at me as if to ask why we had to end our fun trip. She loves our camping trips, and gets excited as soon as she sees the trailer out front of our house. Sorry little girl, it was time to return home, but we can always look forward to our next adventure.