Wandering Dude-Tradescantia Zebrina

a Wandering Dude plant. Formerly know as a wandering Jew.
Wandering Dude is such a great plant, that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. My plant is still quite small, but large enough that you can see its potential. I started this plant and one other from two small cuttings¬† I received earlier this year.¬†Both fast growing and easy to care for, make it a great plant for novice gardeners. Beautiful purple striped leaves with silver sparkles give you very colorful foliage. It also produces a tiny, bright pink three-petaled flower. Easy to see why the Wandering Dude is such a popular plant for home and office.

It can be grown outside as ground cover in warmer climates, or kept indoors year round. Wandering Dude likes a good potting soil, and for the root ball to be moist. However it does not like to sit in soggy soil. You should cut back on watering during the winter months.

Bright indirect light encourages the leaves to produce their best color. It’s helpful to apply a small amount of half strength liquid fertilizer during the summer growing season.

Wandering Dude is very easy to propagate by placing a cutting in water until the roots are well formed, or by placing directly into moist soil. This is a fun plant to share with others.

Eventually I plan to grow my two plants in hanging baskets. Wandering Dude is a creeping plant and will drape beautifully once well established. In the future I’ll post photos of my plants as they mature. Now that both plants have well established roots, they are starting to sprout new leaves and grow quickly. Below is the second plant I started from a cutting. You can see a new leaf beginning to grow in the center. I’d love to hear from you if you give growing Wandering Dude a try.

Close up of a wandering dude plant


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