Cotyledon Orbiculata

Cotyledon orbiculata, also known as Silver Pig’s Ear is a succulent shrub. In Australia, although originally from South Africa, it is known as Don’s Delight.

It can grow up to three feet in height and three feet wide. The leaves are gray-green and egg shaped. It produces bell shaped flowers that come in red, orange, and yellow. Hummingbirds love these bell shaped blossoms.

Cotyledon orbiculata does not like low light or poor drainage. When given enough sun, the leaf borders turn red.

On the plant above, you can see a waxy powder, which acts as a sun block for the leaves and helps the plant conserve water. you should never remove it.

Be careful not to overfertilize Cotyledon orbiculata. Roots can burn easily and this plant does not need much fertilizer if any.

Propagation is quite simple and can be accomplished by taking a cutting and and letting the wound dry for a week. Next plant in cactus/succulent soil, being cautious about  watering until the cutting has rooted and shows signs of growth. Spring is the best time to repot or transplant this amazing plant.

In this last photo taken of a plant I have in a sunnier window, you can see the edge of the leaf turning red. Consider adding a Cotyledon orbiculata to you succulent collection. I know you won’t be disappointed.



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