Fishbone Cactus-Epiphyllum Anguliger

This Fishbone Cactus was given to me by my neighbor. It is a stem cutting and already had a bud when I planted it in dry well drained soil. This succulent has a stem that looks like the backbone of a fish. It’s easy to grow and very low maintenance. It does not need direct sunlight, so does well indoors. Direct sunlight should be limited.

Be careful not to overwater during the winter months. The top of the soil should be damp, but never saturated. The Fishbone Cactus originated in the humid jungles of Mexico, and does need a little more water than most cacti.

This plant does well in a hanging basket as the stems grow down once they reach a certain length. If the plant becomes too leggy, you can trim the stems, and plant stem cuttingsĀ  in dry soil when the cut ends are callused.

Do not water until stems have rooted, then remember to water lightly to avoid root rot.

The flowers are nocturnal and last only one day. The above photo was taken early in the morning, and the photo below was taken later that day when the flower was closed. You can also see the fishbone appearance of the stem.

My plant is growing outdoors, but I intend to bring one inside once it is large enough to cut stems for propagation. Fishbone cactus is not toxic to either cats or dogs, which is good news.

Below is a betterĀ  photo of the stem. Well named isn’t it? I took this last picture today. I will be sure to post about this unusual plant as it grows. Just when I think I am finished collecting new plant varieties I discover something different to study and enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Fishbone Cactus-Epiphyllum Anguliger

  1. What a pleasant surprise to learn about this unusual succulent. It certainly is beautiful. Good luck with your propagations.

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