Photographing A Glass Elephant

glass elephant
Photographing a glass elephant fulfilled today’s photo challenge that I am participating in.The suggestion this time was to photograph an animal, so I took a photo of the  glass elephant my husband received when he retired from Cal State Fullerton. I did a little editing using Aviary, a photo editing app that I really like using.

blue glass abstract
This is the same glass elephant from above. I like abstract photography and this certainly can be called that. I had fun creating these two photographs. Hope you enjoy seeing them. The photography challenge subject for tomorrow is GRASS.

Abstract Photography

I’ve always enjoyed abstract art, and lately I’ve been studying abstract photography on line. I wanted to try my hand at it, using the three essentials that are part of abstract art. They are form, color,and curves. I’ve included three of my photos, here.

It was fun looking for subjects to photograph. I have a lot to learn, but plan to keep studying this art form. Not sure what my style will be, but it’ll be interesting to find it.