String of Pearls Succulent

String of Pearls Succulent photograph on Plum Bird Corner

This is a closeup of a String of Pearls ‘Senecio rowleyanus’. It’s a new Succulent that I bought.¬† I recently read that they can be a little temperamental¬† to grow, but also read that they are easy to grow, so having lost one several years ago, from too much sun, I decided to take on the challenge of cultivating a second plant. This one looks healthy and I plan to keep it that way, so I did a little research on the correct care. See below. They can be grown indoors or outside, but for now until the weather is more predictable I’m keeping it indoors. Unfortunately this plant is toxic to small children and pets, so keep that in mind before purchasing one.

Care Instructions

1. Do not over water. This succulent like many others, would rather be dry than too wet, so wait until surface of soil is quite dry before watering. Never let the plant sit in water.

2. Indoors give the plant lots of bright natural light. Outdoors, it prefers filtered shade.

3. String of Pearls prefers to be in a smaller container.

4. Use well draining potting soil. I have¬† a recipe for making your own Succulent/Cactus planter mix if you’d like to stir up a batch.

In the end, I think you just have to keep an eye on the plant and see what makes and keeps it happy. Would love to hear about your experiences with this plant.


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