Make Your Own Succulent/Cactus Planter Mix

Making your own succulent/cactus planter mix is fun to do and can save you money. I’ve been planning on writing a post on this topic for awhile, but when a friend recently asked me for the recipe, I knew it was time to do it. I’ve tried several mixes over the years including prepackaged, but I like this the best. I gave this same recipe in my previous post, Aeonium is a Beautiful Succulent that is Easy to Grow.
Above you can see the ingredients I like to use.

All of these products can be found at a plant nursery.


One part Perlite shown on the upper left

One part Volcanic Pumice shown on the lower left

Two parts All-purpose Potting Soil shown on the right

Mix together thoroughly. See below.

And here below is one of my succulents growing happily in my favorite soil recipe.

It is always a good idea to have some potting material ready to use in case you need to do a quick re-potting.



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