String of Fishhooks Succulent

Fish hooks succulent in pot
Fishhooks Senecio radicans is related to Senecio rowleyanus String of Pearls  that I wrote about in a previous post. Both are succulent vines native to South Africa. The Fishhooks plant is faster growing and easier to care for than the String of Pearls. Pruning encourages the plant to sprout new growth. While reading about this plant, I also found it called String of Bananas. I learned it does well in warm, tropical areas and  in arid climates as well, but does not tolerate frost. It is grown for the color and shape of its leaves rather then the flowers, which are small and off-white in color. Below you can see a photo of my plant, which is quite young, and I am still working at getting it to fill in with new growth. In this photo you can better see the fishhook shape of the leaves.  Right now it’s receiving direct sunlight, when it can get it. We’ve had a  very cloudy wet winter, in Southern California, but once we get warmer, sunnier days I will move it to a lightly shaded area where it won’t be in constant sun. I am really looking forward to seeing this plant mature under the correct growing conditions which I earned from You should take a look at this site, it really is a great gardening resource. Stay tuned for future photos of this interesting succulent.

Fishhooks succulent on a wall trailing

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