Primary Colors

Primary colors are the three basic colors from which all others are mixed. You can’t make these colors by mixing any others together. My ceramics class is virtual right now as are many other classes. This includes my guitar and aerobics classes. Back to the primary colors. In ceramics we are studying color and it all starts with the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow on the color wheel.  I thought it would be fun to display those colors with flowers from my garden. Above you see my yellow hibiscus and below a red rose from our Don Juan climbing rose. At the bottom of this page you will see my example of blue. For that example I had to reach into one of my previous posts.

I took this photo several years ago. It is  a Cape Plumbago . I couldn’t find one blue flower in all of my garden, so I had to search through my old photo collection.  When I make my next trip to our local nursery, I’ll have to look for some blue flowering plants to add to the garden. It’ll be fun to make primary color bouquets.

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