Why Sunflowers and Black Eyed Susans are Special

This is why Sunflowers and Black Eyed Susans are special. Their cheerful color greeted me this morning when I went out to the garden and I was reminded why sunflowers are known as happy flowers. I think the bright yellow Black Eyed Susan could be called the same. . Below is a close up of the center of the same sunflower. The center is made up of thousands of tiny flowers.


Most sunflower varieties are annuals, and I grew this one from seeds I planted this spring. There are several more growing, but they have not flowered yet. The seeds came from last year’s crop. I let the flowers dry then held the seeds over the winter.

Lastly I have included a photo of the Black Eyed Susan flower that was also waiting for me. This perky plant is a hardy grower and deer resistant. It is loved by butterflies. It’s a perennial, so comes back every year, and with lots of sun will bloom from summer to fall.

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