Kalanchoe Color Collection

Pink Kalanchoe flowers
This is the Kalanchoe that my husband gave me after he made a fast visit to our local grocery store. It caught his eye, and no wonder with its beautiful color. My Birthday was in early May, and I was given The lovely yellow Kalanchoe in the photo below, by a dear friend.

When I received it, it was covered with flowers, like the one above. This very popular plant is easy to find and comes in many delightful colors. The two shown here, plus magenta, orange, red and white. Apparently white is found more often around holidays. Below I’ve posted a photo of my neighbor’s red Kalanchoe. It is  beautiful and when I see her, I will ask for a cutting, which can be planted in cactus/succulent soil once the stem has callused. When I venture out more into public, I’ll search for new colors to add to my Kalanchoe collection.

Red Kalanchoe

As with Most succulents, be careful not to over water. Best to flood the pot and then let water run through. Hold off watering again until the soil is dry.
They prefer bright natural light. Make sure they don’t get too much direct sunlight, as sunburn will occur.
The Kalanchoe can live outdoors in summer, but in partial shade. Remember to watch for an overabundance of direct sun.
The more indirect light you give your plant, especially indoors, the better the plant will look.
Plants will grow spindly if they have to reach for the light, and flowers may not fully open. If this happens, you can prune back and move to a better spot. Kalanchoes are native to tropical and subtropical climates and  they require an outdoor temperature of around 45 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to survive. Kalanchoe plants grow and bloom best in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants are sensitive to cold and need to be brought indoors before frosts hit. I just love these beautiful plants and can’t wait to add more to my collection. Hope you have enjoyed the color of these beautiful blooms.

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