Mimicry Plant-Split Rock, Pleiospilos nelii

Mimicry plant


The Mimicry Plant is the newest member of my  succulent collection. This isn’t the first  Mimicry plant I’ve owned. On Oct 3, 2013, I wrote about my first one. You can see that plant blooming in the photo below, and read about it here.

I really enjoyed that little plant, but unfortunately I over-watered it and it melted. I was sad to lose it. I recently read, that the best way to grow Pleiospilos is to not over care for it, but I did. After reading about the Mimicry plant, I decided to get a new one and try the ‘Less Care’ method. It took me a few trips to the garden nursery, but I finally found one. It happened to be the last on the shelf. I think it was waiting for me. I’ve given it a nice spot in a south facing window where it’s is getting bright light. So far I have not watered it. Usually I give all my new plants a good watering when I get them home,  Then, I let my succulents dry for awhile. Mimicry plants do well indoors, and I will keep mine inside until our weather settles down outdoors. Indoors they do need lots of light, but should be watered very sparingly, if at all  in the winter. Their active growing time is spring and fall. They are not cold hardy, and once outdoors they like full sun to partial shade. I would be careful with direct afternoon sun. There I go being too careful again. I found some additional care information in a garden blog called Little Emerald Thumb. You might enjoy taking a look.

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