Ice Plant, Corpuscularia Lehmannii

Ice Plant, Corpuscularia Lehmannii  sometimes called Delosperma lehmannii  is a succulent ground cover, although you can see that I’ve grown mine in a container. They are under 6 inches in height but can spread 1 to 2 feet wide.  They do best in zones 9-11 and like full sun to partial shade. it can be grown indoors, but must have a bright light source. It’s also pet safe which is a real plus for an indoor plant.  I love the look of the angular three sided leaves and blue/green color. It produces yellow daisy like flowers from late spring until fall. Mine has not flowered yet, as this will be the first spring, but I’m looking forward to seeing flowers soon. This plant is drought tolerant and needs just enough water to keep it perky looking. The Corpuscularia lehmannii originates from South Africa where it grows on rocky slopes.  Below you see a closer  view of the angular leaves. It’s sometimes know as a cushion ground cover and you can see why.

Even though called Ice Plant, Corpuscularia Lehmanni is not frost hardy and should be brought indoors in colder climates. In many parts of the country a movable container is a good choice. I’ll be sure to post a photograph when it flowers. For more detailed information See Here.

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