Haworthia mutica

Haworthia mutica is a succulent I was given in September by my son and daughter-in-law. I was not familiar with this plant, and did some research. That is when I learned just how many Haworthia varieties there are.

This plant can be grown indoors and out. They are not cold tolerant, so should be brought indoors in winter. It is slow growing and makes a great house or office plant. sitting on your desk or window sill.

They prefer a north facing window The sun enters their flat leaves easily. This type of leaf is referred to as a windowed leaf.

Haworthia Mutica prefers a gritty soil. Cactus soil mixed with perlite makes a great growing medium. Be careful not to overwater. Wait until the soil is very dry before adding water. Make sure the pot has good drainage.

The easiest way to propagate is to remove offsets from the mother plant when they are large enough to be given a pot of their own. After removing the offset, let it dry for 2-4 days, then plant in gritty soil and give a little water.

I recently learned that by covering the soil with a few small river pebbles, you can protect the leaves from resting on the wet soil. I am going to try this in the future. It sounds like a good idea.

I hope I have introduced you to a different type of succulent. I am going to the nursery in a few days and see if I can find a different variety, and some small river pebbles. Will let you know. See you next time.


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