Variegated Pathos NJoy

Variegated pathos is a beautiful plant and very easy to grow.

It likes bright indirect light, to keep its beautiful variegation. Do not place in direct sunlight.

Leaves are dark green with cream or white variegation.

It can grow 10 to 12 inches wide. It can be pruned to a bushy shape, or allowed to drape over the sides of the pot.

Time to repot your plant when its roots begin to come out of the drainage holes.

It does well in regular house plant soil and likes a warm humid environment. A bathroom with a window, or the kitchen make a good place to keep your plant.

Pathos responds well to fluorescent lighting, so can also do well in an office with no outside lighting. Makes a beautiful desk plant.

It does not like wet feet. Do not water until the soil surface and just below feels dry.  Then it is time to give it a good drink. Better to underwater, then to overwater.

When you water, make sure the soil is saturated, then let let it drain well before placing the plant in its usual spot.

You should fertilize weekly with a liquid fertilizer during spring and summer.

Njoy Pathos  is easily propagated by removing a stem and placing in water until roots form. When there are several sturdy looking roots on the cutting, it is time to plant your new Pathos in its own pot.

This is a wonderful plant and and very easy for those who are new to gardening, and like to give plants to others.

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