Things That Made Me Happy on My Morning Walk

We are back to May Gray. A period known to Californians when the coastal skies of sunny southern California have an early morning marine layer of low cloud cover.  During this time, coastal clouds may remain all morning, but often give way to afternoon sunshine. It does make for a lovely cool morning walk.

I have a goal of walking every day for at least 30 minutes. I always carry my phone and can’t resist taking photos of plants and flowers I see along the way. Above is a bright yellow flower that really stood out in the early morning light. I I discovered it is called a Desert Marigold. Thanks to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for the their article which helped me to identify and learn more about this cheerful plant.

The white and blush pink  floribunda below also caught my attention. The bottom two are from my own garden. The orange-red rose is Trumpeter another floribunda and next is the Mister Lincoln. A red hybrid Tea, known for its lovely fragrance.

Mister Lincoln, hybrid Tea, Double rose
I can’t help but wonder what I’ll discover on tomorrow’s walk.

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