Knitting, Oatmeal Cookies, and Tea

I baked a batch of oatmeal cookies. The first time in months. It’s cold and rainy out and it felt like the thing to do. If you would like to see the recipe, take a look here. It’s a previous oatmeal cookie post that includes the recipe.

I’ve also started knitting scarves as the days get colder. This is my favorite knitting pattern and I use it for scarves and baby blankets. It is very easy, but looks so pretty. Below I have included a photo of a scarf I knit several years ago using the same pattern.

Cast on 49 stitches more or less depending on your project.
Row 1 Knit across
Row 2 Knit across
Row 3 Knit across
Row 4 Knit across
Row 5 Knit 3 * yo, K2tog ; Repeat from * to last two stitches, then knit last two stitches. If I run out of stitches after the last yarn over, I simply add a stitch at the end of the 5th row and knit the last two as instructed.
Repeat rows 1-5 until project is length wanted. End with Row 4 then cast off.
For larger or smaller projects I adjust the number of stitches I cast on.

I originally got this pattern from a free Red Heart give away tear off at Michael’s Craft store. It was for a 361/2″ square baby blanket that started by casting on 73 stitches. They used a yarn that took size 15 needles. I prefer a smaller thickness of yarn, with smaller needles. So, as you can see I used their basic pattern and adjusted for each of my projects. I hope you will give this easy pattern a try on one of your own creations. Perhaps you will also enjoy a cup of tea and a cookie while you knit.

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