My Zucchini Crop


yellow zucchini flower

In May, I posted, see here, about the two zucchini plants I’d planted in containers. I read that this could be done successfully. I love veggie omelettes and use a lot of  zucchini and bell peppers. I was looking forward to not having to buy zucchini for several months. Friends told me I’d be overwhelmed with zucchini and I promised to share with everyone. My mom told me to pick them often, so they would not get too big and tough. Well, to this date I have not picked one zucchini. I’ve had many beautiful bright yellow flowers as seen above,but no squash. I went on line to find out what the cause might be. Here are some of the reasons that were suggested.

1. Not enough sun. I made sure the containers were in full sun.

2. Not enough water. I made sure they had enough water.

3. Too much water. I refrained from over watering

4. apparently zucchini plants produce male and female flowers on the same plant, but sometimes a plant with not produce both. It looks like I chose the wrong plants. They will however produce beautiful flowers. That’s for sure.

5.  A bee deficiency. I don’t think this is the problem, because our yard is full of bees. They love our hummingbird feeder, see below. I took this photo through the kitchen window.

Honey bees on a hummingbird feeder

6. Weather too hot. Could be.

7. A nitrogen fertilizer is very helpful. Perhaps I used the wrong kind. Will have to check this out.

It is late August now, so I don’t have much hope of my zucchini crop coming in. Sure am glad I don’t grow zucchini for a living. If I suddenly have zucchini  to share I’ll be sure to let you know.




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