Sand Dunes of Florence Oregon

The Sand dunes of Florence Oregon was one of our vacation stops this summer. It was really amazing to see. I had no idea that some of the world’s largest and most beautiful sand dunes are located on the central Oregon coast. Some of the dunes reach 500 feet above sea level. They are the largest expanse of temperate coastal sand dunes in the world.

Here is Martin climbing the trail to the dunes.

Here you can see the expanse of the dunes. They seem to go on forever. Our Annika actually enjoyed walking on the sand. It was early morning, so the sand was cool on her feet.

It surprised me to see these bright yellow flowers growing on the dry barren sand. I’m trying to think of a word that describes how I felt when I first saw the dunes, and I think it might be awestruck, although that really doesn’t do it. I can tell you, that it is so worth experiencing.

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