Magic Lantern Hybrid Tea Rose

Magic-Lantern-Rose-1Our Weather has been very hot lately, and I haven’t spent a lot of time outside. This morning when I went out to look at the front garden, I was thrilled to see my Magic Lantern Hybrid tea rose in bloom. It is such a beautiful coppery orange color. Hybrid teas are the most popular type of rose. Not only is the blossom gorgeous, but as you can see below, the bud is also a joy to look at.
Magic-Lantern-Rose-2Hybrid tea roses usually produce one bloom on a long stem, which makes them perfect for cut flower displays. Hybrid teas are also popular because they continue to produce flowers all season long. My Magic Lantern has a light fragrance, although many tea roses have a much stronger scent. Magic Lantern is a very vigorous variety and is easy to care for. This plant is now in a large pot at the front of our house. It gets morning sun and seems very happy there. It does like frequent watering. I originally planted the Magic Lantern in the lawn at the side of our house. Three summers ago, a guest, when leaving,  backed over the plant and flattened it, splitting the main stem. I dug up the bush and transplanted it to the pot it now grows in. I thought it was the end of my beautiful Magic Lantern, but as you can see, it not only survived, but has thrived. Now you know why I say it’s a hearty variety, and I’m especially fond of our Magic Lantern Hybrid Tea Rose. You might want to add one to your garden.

2 thoughts on “Magic Lantern Hybrid Tea Rose

  1. I am searching desperately for a Magic Lanteren Rose Bush. My dad had a beautiful one and we transplanted it and it did not survive. I cannot find one anywhere! I would gladly pay to have one sent to me. Any help would be so appreciated.

    • I originally bought mine at Green Thumb Nursery. I believe it was a Jackson and Perkins. I have searched their website for one, but they don’t seem to have them anymore. I bought mine about 35 years ago as best I can remember. I hope you have been able to find one since you wrote to me. I would love to know, so please let me know.

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