Candy and Kites in Bodega Bay

imageWhile staying in Napa, California, and planning a visit to Bodega Bay, friends emailed  to tell us about a store there owned by long time friends of theirs. Second Wind specializes in kites, toys, sweets, and fun. Above is a bowl filled with sweet salt water taffy we bought there. We’d never seen so many flavors and we wanted to try them all. The shop was also filled with every sort of kite imaginable. We met Elaine, a very welcoming lady and one of the two owners. She took the photo below of me and my husband and our dog Annika in front of the store. We had a great time looking at the games, puzzles, wind socks, ground spinners and too many other items to mention. If you would like to learn more about this delightful store, take a look at their web site,

imageOn  our way back to Napa, we drove through the town of Bodega, where we stopped at the old school house where Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Birds. You can see the building in the two photos below.



imageIt was a busy day with lots of exploring. I wonder where we will be off to tomorrow. Right now I’m going to enjoy a piece of that yummy salt water taffy.

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