The Trumpeter Floribunda Rose

Red-Orange,Trumpeter, Floribunda Rose
The brilliant orange-red Trumpeter floribunda rose is the newest addition to our rose collection. Of all the many kinds of roses,  floribundas are the most prolific bloomers. In colder climates, most need winter protection, but they are well worth the extra care. Red-Orange, Floribunda Trumpeter Rose

Until now, most of our roses were hybrid Teas, like the one below. Magic Lantern is a coppery orange hybrid tea, and one of my favorites.
Magic Lantern orange Tea rosebeautiful yellow,Tea rose
I want to show you one more of my lovely hybrid teas. It’s a gorgeous bright yellow. I’m  embarrassed to admit I don’t remember its name and can’t find the identity marker that came with it. At the time I planted it, I didn’t keep good garden records. l’ll share more of our roses with you in the future.

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