Rosa Wenlock, an English Rose

Red English Rose
I bought this rose bush on January 14,1996. I planted it in our front yard, but it was never very happy there and rarely produced flowers. The Wenlock is an English rose, and I thought perhaps it was too sunny in the front of our house, and wondered if this particular variety would do better in our back yard. I was right. It’s been happily growing there for twenty one years.
Red English Rose bud
It is a prolific bloomer with a wonderful fragrance. You can see its gorgeous color in the flower and rose bud above. It’s technically not a climber, but is very tall and can be grown into a climber. A deep watering once a week, and an occasional application of rose fertilizer keeps this plant healthy.  I can’t remember where I bought my English Rose, but fortunately I’d recorded the name and the date I planted it, in my garden journal. I was amazed to see the date. No wonder I consider Rosa Wenlock part of our family. She’s been living with us for a very long time.

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