Lunch in Silverado Canyon

Silverado-CafeIt’s Halloween, and a beautiful fall day. A perfect day for a ride on our motor scooters. We live close to several canyons, all are beautiful, but Silverado is my favorite. It always feels magical to me as we ride through. We rode to the end of the public road and then stopped and took in the beauty of the trees and the autumn colors. Perhaps they aren’t as vivid as the colors of the east coast, but never the less, they are beautiful and have been a long time coming this year. Above you see the Silverado Cafe. We’ve seen the sign for years, but today was the first time we’ve eaten there. The food was delicious, not fancy, but tasty. The people were friendly and our server, Isidoro took good care of us and welcomed us as first timers. I ordered a cheeseburger with yummy potato salad and Martin had his usual burger and fries. See below.


Me-and-Snowy-in-SilveradoYep, that’s me at our rest point. I wore my orange shirt for our Halloween ride.

Silverado-roadI took this photo at the end of the winding road that runs through Silverado Canyon. This is were we stopped before heading back through the canyon and home to prepare for Halloween eve and the Trick- or- Treaters.

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