Gray Skies, Orange Roses, and a Jig Saw Puzzle

cloudy-skyies-2This is how the sky looked early this afternoon, as I headed home from running errands. The sky was so dark I was sure we were in for a storm and some much needed rain.  We had a few light sprinkles, but that was all. The photo above was taken in color, even thought it looks like monochrome.

Orange-flowersWhen I arrived home I went out into the backyard, and with everything appearing so gray from the cloud filled skies, I was very pleasantly surprised to see these beautiful roses waiting to brighten my day. It was a little chilly, so I went inside and worked on my jig saw puzzle.

Jig-sawThe gray skies produced a very cozy day. As you can tell I love the color orange and jig saw puzzles.

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