Another Day-Another Orchid

Lavendar orchid blossom
Plants are like people. Each one has its own story. This orchid is quite a bit larger than the one I presented yesterday. It takes up more space on my kitchen window sill, but still fits where I can enjoy it every day. This plant was given to me by a neighbor who was moving to Utah and didn’t have enough room to take it with her. At first I said no thanks, because I already had so many house plants, but then I felt sorry for the homeless plant and took it  with me. It wasn’t blooming at the time, so I didn’t know which color to expect.  Several months later it began to flower and as you can see it is lovely. It’s been in my care for a few years now, and continues to bless me with lovely color. Below you can see a photo of this same plant, from a different view point. I hope this lovely orchid has added a little joy to your day. Stay well. See you tomorrow.

lavendar orchid blossom

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