Count on African Violets for Beautiful Color

You can always count on African Violets for beautiful color. I have several blooming, but today I decided to share this one. It has two blossoms right now, which you can see in the photo below, but if you look closely you can see more buds forming.
African Violet flowers
We are staying indoors other than occasional walks around the backyard to check on plants and get some fresh air. We had a huge downpour in the night, so I had to drain some of the succulent pots. I hope you are all doing well and social distancing as they are asking us to do. Today we had a lovely surprise. A dear friend texted to say she was bringing us some items we needed. She left them on the table in our front patio and we waved wildly at each other through the front window. It brought happy tears to my eyes to have such a caring friend. I hope you all enjoy today’s colorful plant and it brightens your day a little.  Please stay well. See you tomorrow.

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