The Coleus Plant, a Memory from My Childhood

The coleus plant was a favorite of mine when I was a young child. Looking back, I realize that I always loved plants. My Mom’s best friend in Canada, who lived across the street from us always grew coleus in her yard. I used to ask her for a piece and I would root it in water, then plant it in the backyard. In Canada, the coleus died off every winter, and that makes me wonder if our neighbor kept some plants indoors during theĀ  winter months, or did she plant seeds the following spring? I have a very shady side garden, and I thought that the coleus would do well there. Continue reading

Time to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs

This is the time of year Amaryllis bulbs go on sale. Bulbs planted now will bloom for the holiday season. I chose a bright red variety, but they also come in pink, white, salmon, near-orange, and various patterns and stripes.One bulb can produce one or several flowers. The blossom is usually 8 to 9 inches across, on stout 2-foot stems.The above picture is from the box for the amaryllis kit I bought two weeks ago. The kit included the amaryllis bulb which you see in this next photo, planting medium and a plastic pot.amaryllis-bulbIt is difficult to believe that something so beautiful can come from something so strange looking. It is rather like the story of the ugly duckling.
The bulb planted in its plastic pot. The Amaryllis bulb will bloom in just a few weeks. It’s a very fast grower, and is a wonderful way to encourage children to take part in gardening. I planted this Amaryllis bulb on November 1st. In the photo below you can see how much it has grown in eleven days.ameritus-growing
First thing every morning I look to see how much it has grown overnight. I’ll give you updates as our amaryllis progresses. I’m tempted to start another one, but I’lll practice being patient and enjoy the one we have. Stay tuned for future photos. I wonder how many blossoms this plant will produce. It will be exciting to see. I can hardly wait.