A Day Trip to La Jolla Cove, California

100_4328Yesterday, we spent the afternoon exploring the town of La Jolla, California, ending at La Jolla Cove. It couldn’t have been better. The weather was perfect and the Pacific Ocean sparkled. This is the time of year to see sea lions and their pups at La Jolla Cove. We didn’t know this as we headed off to explore. Early last year, my photography class had traveled to San Diego for a field trip that included La Jolla.  If you want to see more of that trip, please take a look at my previous post  Field trip To San Diego. On that trip I’d first seen the beauty of La Jolla. Up until then, it had been just a town on the way to San Diego, a sign on the freeway heading south. Ever since then I’d wanted to share its beauty with my husband, so we went exploring.

We took our dog Annika with us on the drive, but dogs weren’t allowed anywhere near the mother sea lions or pups. Easy to understand why. I stayed up above the beach with Annika, while Martin went down to take a few photos. He took the one below of three sea lions snoozing and soaking up the sun.


I took this next photo from up above while Martin was down on the beach. I thought I was taking a long distance photo of several cormarrands, but later while editing my picture I realized there were several sea lions basking in the sun along with the birds … such a wonderful surprise.


If you live in (or plan on visiting) Southern California, be sure to take time to stop in La Jolla. You won’t be disappointed.

A Change in The Weather

Teddy 2

Today I finished the polka dot curly scarf  I have been knitting. This little friend was the only one I could find to model my project. It has been so hot the past few weeks, that wearing a scarf is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Today was different though, and we woke to a cool, cloudy morning.  It was a wonderful change and I went out to the yard to transplant marigolds. It felt so good to be outside in the cool air.

After breakfast we went for a scooter ride to Newport Beach. I think the cloudy morning had discouraged beach goers and traffic was very light as we traveled along Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped for lunch at the Crystal Cove shopping center and it too was amazingly quiet. The sudden change of weather is very welcome, and long overdue. Once home, I got to work and finished the scarf. red scarf 2

Right now I am looking forward to fall, but I have a feeling, in just a few weeks I will be looking for summer weather again.

A Local Treasure in Dana Point

The Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area

The Dana Point Headlands Interpretive Center

You may have read that our south facing beaches here in California have had enormous waves the past week or so. The authorities are asking us to stay away, because several people have been injured while surfing or swimming. This morning our curiosity got the better of us and we decided to have a look. We drove to Dana Point and had lunch at Smokey’s House of BBQ on Pacific Coast Highway. We are familiar with Smokey’s because our San Clemente Scooter Club often meets there for dinner.
After lunch, we went to the Dana Point Marina, where we drove up the very steep Cove Road, and then spotted Green Lantern. This was a road we had never noticed before, even though for many years we kept a sail boat in the Dana Point Marina.

We turned on to the street to see where it led. It was then that we spotted the sign announcing The Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area. We parked and went in to the Interpretive Center. We were welcomed by two docents who showed us around and told us the building had been there for four years, which was quite a surprise to us. They also told us about the hiking trails that were part of the conservation area. After looking at the exhibits, we headed out on the trail.

Martin walking

Here you can see my husband, Martin, walking the sandy trail, with the beautiful Pacific in the distance. The trails were easy to follow, and very well tended.


ocean view 2      panoramic view





The view was absolutely breathtaking. We hiked for a little over thirty minutes and then turned back. We had not planned on a hike, so were not carrying water, or sun screen. We were so happy to have found this wonderful treasure, so close to home. We plan to return soon, carrying the proper supplies, and hike farther next time. Oh, by the way, we never did get to see the waves up close. That is probably a good thing as the lifeguards are busy enough, without us adding to their work.