Pleiospilos The Living-Rock Succulent

Succulents are just amazing. There are so many varieties. Another one of my favorites is Pleiospilos, commonly known as Living-Rock. They are gray-green and usually have two to four stemless leaves. Their shape and color make them resemble rocks.  They have one large blossom which usually appears at the end of the summer, and mine is right on schedule. It’s referred to as a day blossom because it opens every morning and closes when the sun goes down. Below you can see a photo of the blossom beginning to close for the night, and the final picture shows the blossom completely closed.

It’s important to not over water during the growth season which is May to July. They also like a bright sunny location. Keep them quite dry during the other months, and make sure they have well draining soil. I read that they like a deep pot because of their long tap root. I may need to put mine in a deeper pot next summer. As usual, I know a lot more about my living-rock succulent than I did before writing this post. I hope you might like to try growing Living-Rocks as well and you find some of this information helpful.

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