A Little Gold Finch

gold Finch

I believe this little bird is a Gold Finch. I took this photo on Sept 9th and have been waiting to write about it ever since. I was hoping for a happy ending to the story before I shared, and here it is.


As I walked my dog Annika past our local grocery store that morning, I noticed  a little bird laying helplessly on the ground next to the shopping carts. A young woman who worked in the store was nearby and I drew the bird to her attention. I asked if she could get something from inside the store to move the bird out of harm’s way. I thought perhaps the tiny bird had flown into the large store window and been knocked out. The girl called to someone in the store to come and help her. Annika kept trying to reach the bird, so I walked a little farther away, leaving the bird with the young girl. I walked to the end of the plaza then turned and retraced my steps. When I reached the grocery store I was very  surprised to find the bird perched happily on the girl’s hand. It was amazing.  After I took the above photo, the girl headed into the store to find a warm safe place for the bird. I   walked home wondering what would happen to the bird. Every morning I watched for the employee to learn what had happened to the small yellow bird. It took about two weeks, but I finally spotted her. She told me the bird had done well  and she’d taken it home at the end of the day. She’d released it in her yard where they have a bird sanctuary with seed and water. The bird had eaten with the other wild birds and seemed quite at home. I’m so happy that I looked down at the right moment and saw the little bird on the ground. Thanks to the caring employee of the grocery store we were able to save a little life. I feel so blessed to have been part of such an amazing experience.

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