No Rain Today

I took this photo of Annika earlier this week. We were experiencing a thunder storm and she was frightened. California dogs aren’t accustomed to thunder and lightening because we don’t see that type of weather very often. I wrapped Annika in her favorite blanket and that made her feel a little better, but she still wasn’t very happy.


Our yard started to flood, but after digging a small trench and clearing the drain of pine needles and other debris that had been washed into it, the yard emptied nicely.
I did some grocery shopping yesterday and when I left the store I couldn’t believe the clouds over head. I was afraid a tornado was coming our way. Luckily we received very little rain and no tornadoes.

Today was a dry day which we needed desperately. The ground and hillsides are so badly saturated, that they can’t hold any more water. The residents of nearbyย  Silverado Canyon were getting ready to evacuate yesterday in case of mud slides. We had gone from drought to hillsides giving way in a very short time.


Above you see Annika soaking up the sun coming through our living room window this morning. She too is tired of the damp and cold. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for now we are gratefully drying out and enjoying the sun.



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