Magic Lantern Tea Rose


The Magic Lantern Tea Rose was the subject of Today’s photo challenge.  Light was what I was looking for.  I had walked all around our house looking for an interesting light source to photograph, and  I even considered going to a nearby lighting shop. Eventually I went outside to water plants and think about the photo challenge. When I exited the front courtyard gate, I spotted this gorgeous flower on my Magic Lantern Tea Rose. There haven’t been  many blossoms on my roses lately, and I’m extra careful with the water and fertilizer to encourage flowers. Just seeing this beautiful blossom, lit up my face. It made me so happy. Right now we are having what is know as our May-June Gloom, which makes our mornings here in Southern California rather gray, so this lovely blossom was even more special. Right then and there I knew this was my subject for today’s challenge.
I discovered this  large yellow hibiscus flower on Mother’s Day. It was so appropriate because this is the same plant our son gave to me on Mother’s Day 20 years ago. It’s  another spot of light to brighten the early morning, so I wanted to include the photo as part of the challenge.

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