Fenestraria Aurantiaca ‘Baby Toes’

Fenestraria Aurantiaca commonly known as Baby Toes is part of the same family as Lithop. This is a plant I purchased recently. They are native to subtropical desert zones and are quite easy to grow, but can be susceptible to root rot if over watered. I’m still learning not to over water my succulents.

I recently learned that succulents live off the moisture stored in their leaves. During their dormant period, water can actually be withheld. When the leaves begin to wither it is time to water and drain thoroughly. Just keep an eye on your plants and you will soon learn what keeps them happy. Remember, when it comes to watering, less is better.

The club shaped leaves have flat tops that allow the sun’s rays to penetrate through a clear membrane. The plant produces yellow daisy like flowers in late fall.

Propagation is from seed or leaf cuttings. If you keep your Baby Toes inside, place them in a sunny window, and turn them often so they receive sun on all sides. They like to be in porous soil, so they never stand in water. Fertilizing your plant in early spring is a good idea. Always use a weak solution of cactus/succulent fertilizer. I recently read that you can use a weak solution of tomato fertilizer on succulents. I haven’t tried it myself and I’m still looking into this. Below is a photograph I took of a slightly larger plant than the one I purchased. I will be sure to let you know later how my plant is doing. I hope this information has been helpful and you might consider giving BabyToes a try.

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