RVing in Hemet California

Diamond Valley Lake is one of the places we visited while spending the holiday weekend in Hemet, California, at Golden Village Palms RV Resort. Our last visit to the lake was in 2013 and this time, we could definitely see the affects of the drought. Below is the boat ramp which was in active use when we were last there. The launch ramp is unusable now because it no longer reaches the waterline.
After our visit to the lake, we stopped to look at the nearby Western Science Center.

When I hopped out of the truck to take a few photos, I spotted the sign below.
I tend to forget that we share the landscape with these California natives. So far, I’ve never met up with one, but you can bet that after seeing the sign I watched where I was stepping.
On our way back to the RV park we spotted this old adobe ruin in Tucalota Springs.
We had a wonderful weekend of relaxing and seeing a few of the sights around Hemet. The days were pleasantly warm, and the nights quite cool, which made for great sleeping. It all made for a great RVing adventure in Hemet, California.

2 thoughts on “RVing in Hemet California

  1. I’m curious about the history of plum bird corner (R3 and E Benton rd)located next to tucalota rv resort. Can anyone tell me about the Adobe structures and if they were part of a stage coach line from 1800s. Seems likely place for a stage coach stop with lots of spring water right there at Tucalota springs. Thx in advance Steve

    • I am not able to answer your question. I am sure if you go to tucalota springs.com they will be able to anwer your question. thanks for commenting.

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