Photography Field Trip to San Diego Harbor

My photography class field trip started at the train station in Irvine California, where we caught the MetroLink to Oceanside. The work day rush hour was over, so as you can see, we had the car to ourselves. It was a wonderful way to travel. From Oceanside we took the Coaster train to downtown San Diego.saleboat
We visited the Maritime Museum and had the opportunity to go on board and explore several ships.


Tea-setI took the above two photos aboard the 1904 steam ship Medea. Definitely a luxury craft.
The last vessel we explored was a Russian submarine. In order to pass from compartment to compartment, we had to climb through several small openings. I took this photo of my friend after she had just passed through to the next compartment. I could not even imagine being under water in this vessel. We had a wonderful day and finished it with a tour of the harbor aboard a pilot boat.USS-Midway
I took this last photo as we passed under the bow of the USS Midway. What a spectacular way to end a perfect day.


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  1. Looks like you had a great time. Loved the photos. You obviously are taking another photography class. Good for you. Am into painting, but took a lot of great photos in North Carolina on my vacation.

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