My Visit With Several Parrots

moluccan cockatoo

I’d like you to meet Peaches, the Moluccan cockatoo. She was extremely friendly and grabbed hold of my purse and climbed on, then flew trying to reach me several more times. Her wings were trimmed, so she would glide to the floor next to my feet. She perched on my arm several times, and was very sweet. Peaches also enjoyed having her picture taken as you can see in this photo. I have a feeling she’s going to want a lot of attention from her new owners.

Companion birds need to have regular grooming. This includes wing, nail, and beak trimming. Many first time bird owners don’t realize this when they purchase their first bird. I certainly didn’t. I enjoy these visits to our favorite bird store, Omar’s Exotic Birds. and love having the chance to socialize with their many birds.


orange and yellow parrot
I loved the bright colors on this one.

Some parrots can be very loud when excited and I had to laugh today when one of Omar’s employees was reminding a rather vocal bird to use his inside voice. He actually seemed to understand what she was saying and quieted immediately.

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