E is for Echeveria-Alphabet Photography Challenge

Day five means E is for Echeveria. I looked through my gardening books this morning to find which plants I have in my garden, that begin with the letter E. Echeveria, a succulent jumped out at me. Next I had to go outside and take a photo of one of mine. You can see it above. This is an Echeveria Colarata. I did a post in March, of the pink flowers this plant produced. See Here. Below is a second photo of my Echeveria Colarata. I love its vibrant color.

Another day of social distancing is over. Weather was beautiful, so I was out in the garden again. It looks like the Shasta Daisies are getting ready to bloom. Spring is finally here. Tomorrow is day six of the Alphabet Photo Challenge. I will be browsing my garden books to find plants that begin with the letter F. Hope you are all still doing well and finding fun ways to keep busy and  your spirits up. I’m really enjoying taking part in this alphabet photography challenge. I hope you are enjoying seeing some of my entries. So until tomorrow, take care and stay well.

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