Can my Mandevilla Plant Be Saved?

front-flower-2The mandevilla has become a popular patio plant in recent years. Its brilliant flowers add color and a tropical look to any patio. When we purchased our plant, it came with a trellis because it’s a hardy climber and needs to be supported. In most areas the mandevilla is considered an annual, but in Southern California it’s a frost sensitive perennial. They like sandy, well drained soil and do well in the ground and in pots. They grow best in bright indirect light or filtered sun light. Our plant is on the front patio, and gets morning sun. As you can see, it was very happy in this spot during the winter and spring season. In mid August we took a ten day vacation, and unfortunately during that time, Orange County suffered a heat wave, and our irrigation system did not deliver enough water to the plant.

Below you can see what it looked like when we returned home. I’m both sad and embarrassed to post this photo.

Sick-PlantBeing an optimist I immediately deep watered the mandevilla and pruned the dead wood and leaves. I hope to nurse this plant back to good health. I took the photo below this afternoon, and as you can see, the plant is looking a little better. The remaining leaves are turning green and there is some new growth. I will keep you up to date with its progress. I hope that by next week at this time you will see an even bigger improvement.


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