Borrego Springs, California

Man in cowboy hat walking with little white dog in Borrego Springs  RV park
Borrego Springs was the destination for our first RV trip of 2022. Martin and Annika were enjoying a late afternoon walk through the RV park where we stayed.

The nights were cold, and very quiet, which made for great sleeping. The days were a perfect temperature for walking and site-seeing.

Man sitting in camp chair with little white dog on his lap.

Here you see Annika getting her feet washed after her walk. Little white paws can get a little dusty. Do you think she looks annoyed?

Large metal tortoise sculpture at Metal Sky Art Sculptures, Borrego Springs CA
Above is one of many metal sculptures we saw while visiting the Metal Sky Art Sculptures of Borrego Springs. I have posted a few more of the sculptures below.

Large metal tortoise from the front. Metal Sky Art Sculptures, Borrego Springs. CA
Large metal scorpion in the desert. Metal Sky Art Sculptures, Borrego Springs, CA
Large metal grasshopper in desert scene. Metal Sky Art sculptures. Borrego Springs CA

This was our 3rd visit to Borrego Springs, but the first time seeing the sculptures up close. So happy we took the time to visit the site.

As we headed for home on Thursday, we passed this beautiful Airstream. I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

I took this photo from the truck window as we slowly climbed the steep and winding  road from the desert floor.

Another photo from the truck window as we traveled higher.

We finally reached the top of the grade, and this was our view.

getting closer to home.

I love living in California with its many scenic variations. You can see in my photos  how the landscape turned greener as we traveled closer to home. Borrego Springs is a 121 mile trip for us, and definitely worth it. We had a wonderful time.

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    • Thank you, Nicole. Happy you liked my photos. I really appreciate your comment. The scorpion was impressive. Good thing it was a sculpture.

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