Return to San Clemente Rip Curl

rip-curl-newYesterday we took another ride to Rip Curl in San Clemente, and discovered that there are actually two Rip Curl stores in San Clemente. We went to the Trestles Outlet. Above you see a second pair of board shorts that I bought. I’m not a surfer, but I do love to swim, and take aqua aerobics twice a week. After getting out of the water it’s so easy to slip on a pair of board shorts and T-shirt over my swim suit. Board shorts are most often made from a polyester or nylon fabric, so they dry very quickly. They were originally designed for aquatic sports, but are great for general beach wear. They usually tighten with strings or Velcro rather than an elastic waist band.This I understand,  is to keep the shorts snugly in place during a wipe out. Not something I have to worry about. I chose my board shorts from the men’s rack, as it’s rare to find board shorts specifically for women, and there’s a much larger color and design selection in the men’s section. So, now I’m restocked with board shorts for the summer and fall.

sugar-shackAfter shopping, we stopped at the Sugar Shack for lunch. It’s located on Camino Real in San Clemente. We had a delicious lunch. Below you see my Down to Earth sandwich. Lots of yummy veggies on whole wheat toast, and a choice of fries or fruit. I was tempted, but chose the fruit. I’d planned to have a few of Martin’s fries, but he ate them all before I had chance to steal any from his plate.lunch-sugar-shack

After lunch, we headed home the same way as the day before, through San Juan Capistrano. Below you see us getting ready to start the ride home. That’s my husband Martin in his new white helmet, next to his Kymko Downtown 300. In front is my can-am spyder.parkingIt was a busy weekend with lots of great time together, doing what we like to do. Dare I say it was Totally Awesome!

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