Ceramic African Violet Pot

My ceramic African Violet pot is finished and sporting a pretty African Violet. On March 9th, I showed an African Violet pot that I was making in my ceramics class. In the photo above you can see the finished project sporting my newest African Violet. Below is a photo of the same African Violet in its original green plastic pot. It’s the standard pot thatĀ  most African Violets are sold in.

This is an African Violet pot that I made last year. I painted it to look like a strawberry. I’ve started working on a third pot, in class and I’ll paint it next week, once I’veĀ  decided on the colors. My goal is to have a brightly colored pot for each one of my African Violets. It will keep me busy for quite awhile, but I love the look of the colorful flowers and cheery pots sitting on my kitchen windowsill.


2 thoughts on “Ceramic African Violet Pot

    • I am so flattered by your offer to purchase my African Violet posts, but I only have the two, and they are in use and no longer new. I do thank you very much for your request. It makes me feel good about my work.

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