My Newest African Violet

African Violets are a favorite of mine. On a recent trip to Temecula California, we visited a local garden nursery and found some gorgeous African Violets. My hubby chose this one and it really is beautiful. Different than any I have in my collection. Below is the plant we took with us on our trip. I always like to have a plant on the counter in the kitchen of our RV.

African Violets are easy to take along in our 5th-wheel Trailer. They are small and don’t need a lot of watering. I place them in an empty sink and surround their pot with towels, so they don’t move around as we travel. Once in our campground I place them on a counter where they get lots of bright indirect sunlight. The many windows in our trailer provide the perfect lighting for these lovely plants. Which always make our trailer feel cozy and more like home.

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